Peter Portland
Sailing by the wind, the ocean, islands, mountains and dreams in a world full of happiness and contentment

As a sailor he lives his dream, setting sail no matter where in the world the journey will take him. New Zealand is one of his favorite spots and he likes the southern stars in particular! He already stood at Mt.Cook, at Mt.Ruapehu and plays and enjoys music with friends wherever and whenever he can, in many different places. The Kiwis are part of his philosophy of life.  He sings world hits and plays the guitar of various genres, his voice sounding just like another instrument. In 2018 he visited Nashville and discovered his love for country music. Peter Portland successfully writes and produces his own songs such as Taranaki, Lonely Music Boy, Blue Lake and many more. He dedicates his songs to his granddaughter Marilena, his sailing friends and everyone who appreciates his music!

with the Santa Maria in the South Pacific

Peter Portland in Nashville