Peter Portland
Peter Portland gave his first concert in the Tyrolean cultural inn "Bierstindl" in Innsbruck! Visitors whether "young" or "old" experienced in the event hall what was promised to them. The international audience from the USA, Switzerland, Italy and Austria was presented a wide range of songs, which made this evening special for music enthusiasts. In 4 languages, German, English, Spanish and Italian Peter Portland inspired the invited audience and led them for the duration of the 3-hour concert, also with his own titles, which fit wonderfully into the genre of world hits, into another world! His special pride is the new title "Innsbruck City" in German and US version, which will also find its way up internationally!
Peter Portland is a musician and songwriter, who convinced the audience with his voice and guitar and gave his best for his guests. The presentation as a solo artist also requires years of logistics and intensive training, so that a solo performance in a professional manner was also possible. The art is to make sure that the audience does not find the many individual steps that are necessary as a solo artist for such a concert annoying, but that it can be enjoyed. Peter Portland is a member of akm and austromechana.
Peter Portland thanks again all his fans, from near and far, as well as the entire team of the Tyrolean cultural inn Bierstindl and the already verbal invitation of the "Bierstindl" to the next concert 2023 in Innsbruck!
The date for 2023 will be announced to all in time yet!